Installing Vimcar’s GPS Car System Is Really That Easy

Installing a GPS car system used to be a hassle – but no longer. Find out how you can get going with Vimcar’s products in a few minutes.
GPS car system to fit the bill

When researching GPS car systems for your fleet, you have to consider more than just the monthly fees. There are many features and hidden costs to weigh prior to subscribing to a vehicle tracking provider. If you’re looking for the best GPS car system on the market, look no further than Vicmar. 

Vimcar’s fleet tracking software — including special driver tracking software and fleet administration tools — has no hidden fees, is easy to install and is continually being updated with customer feedback in mind. 

This article will explain what makes Vimcar so special and how easy it is to install our GPS car system. 

What Makes Vimcar So Special? 

Vimcar creates award-winning GPS fleet tracking software that is easy to use and can be self-installed in minutes. That means no trips to the shop are required and you can install the hardware at no additional cost to you. 

Moreover, Vimcar’s GPS car system provides the most accurate data on the market. Our GPS software has a sending frequency of 20 seconds, so you’ll know where your vehicles are at all times. 

Above all, we pride ourselves on the quality products we create for our customers. Our software is updated on a monthly basis with new and improved features, based on the direct feedback we receive from our customers. 

Below are the newest updates Vimcar has added to its GPS car software. 

GPS Car System: Download A Vimcar Fleet Geo Brochure

Update #1: Driver ID 

A good GPS car system can identify your drivers

With Driver ID, you can easily track who’s in the driver seat. Drivers can be identified in real-time without any disruption to your business. Our Bluetooth beacons attach right onto your drivers’ keychains, and their location is transmitted to our fleet tracking software automatically. 

With this information, you can respond to incoming jobs quickly and effectively. Plus, you can retroactively link each trip to a driver, not just a vehicle. Say goodbye to time-wasting, ad hoc calls! 

Update #2: Driver Style Analysis 

Driver Style Analysis (DSA) is a software that tracks your drivers’ safety and driving efficiency. The software tracks drivers through a mobile app that they must all install. 

From there, Vimcar’s software will track and score each commercial driver based on factors like speeding, acceleration, idling and phone usage. You can then identify outliers and correct poor driving behaviour immediately. 

Update #3: Private Flyer Mode 

By law, fleet vehicles — like company cars — that are used for both personal and business purposes can only be tracked during business hours. Vimcar’s fleet tracking software, Fleet Geo, now comes equipped with a privacy mode that can be turned on and off by your driver. This makes Fleet Geo suitable for tracking any type of fleet vehicle! 

How to Install Vimcar’s GPS Car System

After signing your contract with Vimcar, the following will happen: 

  1. We will send you an email with your Vimcar activation link.
  2. Once activated, you can then log in using the ‘login’ button in the top right-hand corner of any Vimcar webpage.
  3. Choose ‘Vehicles’ from the left-hand menu to create your vehicles. Here, you’ll enter the vehicle type, make, model, registration number and Dongle ID.
  4. Repeat step 3 with every vehicle you will be tracking, make one journey in the vehicle to activate and then you are good to go!
  5. Once the hardware has arrived, every customer is offered a tour of the software and an in-depth manual on how everything works.

Tip: We also have detailed instructions on how to install Vimcar’s car tracking hardware into your fleet vehicles. 

You can also reference our video below on how to install the Vimcar Dongle. Or, read our article on GPS vehicle tracker installation.

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Using Vimcar’s GPS Car System for a Better Fleet 

Choosing the right GPS car system involves more than comparing monthly fees. You also have to consider any hidden costs associated with the system, ease of installation, the number and type of features and more. 

Vimcar’s award-winning car tracking software comes with no hidden fees, is easy to self-install and has the most accurate data on the market. For more information on Vimcar’s products and determining which is the best fit for your fleet, contact our team today

Or browse the live vehicle tracking costs of Fleet Geo now!

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