New At Vimcar – Driving Style Analysis

Learn about our new driving style analysis tool, and how exactly it fits into your business.
We have a new features alongside our best tracking devices.

August was a big month here at Vimcar! We launched two new products transforming modern fleet administration: Driving Style Analysis and Fleet Admin. Alongside our van tracking system, this exciting new software allows you to reduce the hassle and high costs associated with running a fleet.

The launch of Vimcar’s Driving Style Analysis means fleet managers can oversee their drivers for a safer, more efficient fleet. Let’s take a deeper look at why the addition of Driving Style Analysis makes Vimcar the best tracking device on the market!

What is Driving Style Analysis?

The best tracking devices allow you complete oversight on your drivers’ behaviors. Driving Style Analysis shows you your drivers’:

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Idling
  • Cell phone use

The software then scores each driver based on their driving efficiency. You can easily identify outliers, and share the data directly with your drivers.

How Will It Help Fleet Managers?

Incentivise Safe Driving

The old adage ‘what gets measured gets managed’ certainly applies to fleet administration.

When Drivers Know Their Driving Is Tracked, They Are More Likely To Make Safer Driving Choices.

Our best tracking devices encourage a sense of transparency

Monitoring prevents unsafe and inefficient driving, helping reduce accident rates. Plus, it ensures your drivers appear more professional on the road. To further booth accountability, create bonus programs that reward safe driving scores!

Oversight on driving style means you have a solid foundation to conduct risk assessments and create safety policies.

Fuel Efficiency

Idling, speeding, abrupt acceleration, and heavy braking drives up your petrol costs and overall mileage. Driving Style Analysis allows you to note inefficient routes or speeding so you can nip it in the bud and lower your petrol costs.

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Lower Insurance Premiums

Poor driving leads to more accidents, meaning you pay higher insurance premiums. Not only that, but many insurance providers offer reduced rates for fleets with lower annual mileage.

→ Many Insurance Providers Offer Discounts to Vans With Fleet Telematics

Reduce Vehicle Wear and Tear

Poor driving means your vehicles break down faster, driving up overall fleet costs.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Reducing idling, mileage, and petrol use will lower your van’s emissions. Going green not only helps the planet, but it strengthens your brand’s image.

What Sets Vimcar’s Driver Identification Apart?

So what makes Driving Style Analysis the best tracking device on the market?

Easy Installation

Installing our new features is made incredibly easy

At Vimcar, we believe you shouldn’t have to hire a professional to install your tracking equipment. That’s why all our devices are easily self-installed in minutes. Simply install the tracker to your OBD interface or car’s battery, download the app, and log in.

We offer free product onboarding with comprehensive support so you know exactly what to do.


You don’t have to be a tech whiz to understand our software. The best tracking devices are designed with the user in mind, so anyone can understand it.

Our straightforward scoring system means you can quickly see how drivers are performing, hassle-free. Plus, you can export your data into easily understood and shared spreadsheets.

Interchangeable Vehicles

Don’t sweat it if your drivers frequently switch vehicles. Driving Style Analysis tracks drivers regardless of which van they operate.

→ Build A Record Of Your Staff’s Driving Conduct, No Matter Which Vehicle They Drive 

Exceptional Customer Service

Even the best vehicle GPS system device will be overshadowed by poor customer service. You need your tracking software from the team that forms meaningful customer partnerships. Our software team communicates with our customers about their fleet management pain points. That allows us to design outstanding products that solve your fleet’s unique challenges.

Vimcar is known for our exceptional customer service team.  We consult with you to find the customised package to suit your budget and needs, so you can get up and running with fleet tracking.

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The Best Tracking Device For Any Fleet

Dangerous driving doesn’t just damage your reputation, but it puts people at risk and drives up business costs. Through driver reports, you can measure trends in your team’s safety culture.

→ Tracked Fleets Report Fewer Accidents, Lower Petrol Costs, And Improved Efficiency

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