Case Study: Fleet Tracking Software Makes Company’s Internal Process More Efficient

Businesses have already benefitted from fleet tracking software. It comes in to give businesses that boost they need. Find out how.
Fleet tracking software has benefitted these businesses

Fleet tracking software can be used for so much more than tracking vehicles in real-time. Using fleet tracking software like Fleet Geo eliminates the need to make ad-hoc, yet unreliable calls to drivers to determine their exact location. Plus, it minimises vehicle misuse, makes it easier to optimise routes and creates a more efficient fleet overall. 

This article will discuss the challenges our customers faced and how they were solved using Vimcar’s fleet tracking software. 

The Challenge: Finding the Nearest Vehicle 

Fleet tracking software benefitted this company to locate nearby vehicles

Doherty’s Meats is a family business that stretches back six generations. It’s now one of Northern Ireland’s leading meat producers. One of the top priorities of Doherty’s Meats is delivering products to customers quickly, and often several times per week. 

Prior to installing Fleet Geo, Brian McQuaid of Doherty’s Meats struggled to locate which driver was closest to which customer. He had to rely on ad-hoc calls to drivers to determine their location, wasting precious working hours and making for a poorer customer experience. 

Fleet Geo has eliminated the need to make time-consuming, unreliable calls to drivers. 

“When a customer calls and asks for a delivery, we are able to give them ETAs. We have hundreds of customers and it’s great to be able to see which van is closest to which customer: a real selling point,” McQuaid says. 

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The Challenge: Minimising Vehicle Misuse 

Fleet management software reduced drivers' speeding habits

Wright’s K9 Security Services provides clients with high-threat protection and specially-trained canines. Before installing Fleet Geo, company founder Allun Wright had difficulty minimising vehicle misuse within his company. 

He shares, “We were dealing with vehicle misuse within our fleet. That’s now been solved! Fleet Geo allowed me to monitor drivers’ speeds and distances; I can see if there have been any discrepancies with employees logging in their working times.”

In addition to Fleet Geo’s regular features, the new Driver Style Analysis (DSA) software tracks drivers’ safety and driving efficiency. DSA makes it easier than ever to identify poor driving behaviour and vehicle misuse, resulting in a more efficient fleet overall. 

The Challenge: Maintaining Fleet Safety 

Fleet management software makes fleets safe

Union Plumbing is a gas and engineering firm located in West Yorkshire. They have several teams on the road at the same time, serving various clients. 

Company administrator Hannah Wise utilises Fleet Geo to ensure fleet safety. Using the Live Tracking feature, Wise can see if a driver is at a customer’s house for too long and call to make sure everything is okay. 

“One reason we got Fleet Geo was for the engineers’ security. A lot of them are working by themselves and I can monitor them, for their safety,” she says. 

Fleet Geo can be used in conjunction with Driver Style Analysis to more accurately track drivers and maintain their safety. 

Fleet Tracking Software for an Efficient Fleet

Vimcar’s fleet tracking software can be used for more than just tracking vehicles in real time. Our customers utilise Fleet Geo and Driver Style Analysis to locate and dispatch the nearest vehicles, minimise vehicle misuse and maintain fleet safety — just to name a few of the most common fleet solutions we offer. 

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