Taking Care Of Your Fleet: Driver Analysis, Fleet Tracking & Admin

Fleet care is an essential practice to optimise your fleet performance, cut costs and grow your business. How exactly does Vimcar help?
Good fleet care practices are essential for your business

If your business hasn’t invested in digital fleet tracking software yet, now is the time to do it. More and more UK businesses are implementing new technologies to streamline their fleet care processes, and they’re reaping the benefits. 

If you’re looking for the best UK fleet management software, Vimcar is the right choice. Vimcar creates award-winning fleet management software with its customers’ unique needs in mind. Vimcar’s software can be self-installed in a matter of minutes, comes with no hidden fees and is simple to understand. 

This article will share Vimcar’s new features and how they make caring for your fleet easier than ever. 

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Better Software for Improved Fleet Care 

Vimcar is continually creating new software and features to meet the needs of our customers. We’ve recently released Driver Style Analysis and Fleet Admin, and we have also updated our award-winning Fleet Geo software. 

1. Driver Style Analysis 

Fleet care is made easy with fleet tracking software

With the Driver Style Analysis (DSA) software (a type of driver tracking technology) you can track your drivers’ safety and driving efficiency via a mobile app that they will all need to install. 

DSA ensures that your fleet vehicles are being well looked after on the road. It scores drivers based on factors like speeding, acceleration, idling and phone usage. With this information, you can easily identify outliers and correct poor driving behaviour. 

Tracking drivers using DSA will not only make the road a safer place, but it will also help you manage a greener fleet overall by eliminating fuel-wasting driving behaviours.  

2. Fleet Tracking Software 

A crucial element of fleet care is preventing vehicles from being stolen or misused. With a fleet tracking software like Fleet Geo, you’ll be notified if a vehicle is used outside of a set time frame or leaves a specified geographical area (like the company car park).

If a vehicle does get stolen, you can quickly locate it using Fleet Geo’s digital GPS tracking system and provide its whereabouts to the police. 

Fleet Geo’s software also records each vehicle’s routes. You can optimise the routes retrospectively to minimise fuel usage and general wear and tear on your vehicles. 

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Fleet care is also made easier with good admin practices

3. Fleet Admin Software 

Fleet Admin lets you organise your fleet’s data in one place. You can create customisable dashboards so that you never miss out on important deadlines or tasks, such as MOT checks.

Fleet Admin streamlines the fleet care process and helps ensure your fleet is 100% compliant and road-safe at all times. This way, you’ll avoid hefty fines and unwelcome surprises in the future. 

The UK’s Best Fleet Management Software 

Vimcar’s award-winning fleet management software makes fleet care even easier and more efficient. Our new Driver Style Analysis and Fleet Admin software can be used to care for vehicles on and off the road. 

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