Electricians and their Fleet: Survey’s Key Findings

A 2020 Vimcar survey reveals how the electrical services sector can curve vehicle theft and misuse!

Last week, Vimcar asked thousands of employers in the electrical services sector to participate in a survey. Respondents were questioned about their company vehicles and how they were managed.

We can now reveal what that survey uncovered.

Vehicle misuse and vehicle theft:

Vimcar’s research picked up on two major points, vehicle misuse and vehicle theft:

  • 75% of employers restrict vehicles use
  • 62% of employers would like a system in place to enforce this
  • Around 1 out of 3 employers have had a vehicle stolen in the past.

Limiting vehicle use within the electrician sector is a best practice, in order to keep fuel, maintenance and tax costs low. Beyond this, vehicle theft also seems to be a bigger issue for employees than one might expect.

Despite their challenges, most of the respondents did not have a system in place to track whether or not their vehicles were being used properly.

Here is what we found… (Get the larger infographic by following the link!)

Electrician fleet analysis
Participants’ fleets ranged in size from 1 to 40+ vehicles.

There is a clear need in the sector to have greater control over its fleet. 

Vehicle misuse is costing the industry thousands in terms of extra fuel, HMRC fines, and unnecessary maintenance expenses. Across all UK industries, vehicle theft costs businesses more than £16,000 per year

For the 2 out of 3 participants who would consider buying/have bought a telematics system, a GPS fleet management system that includes features such as Live Tracking, Geofencing and Data Exportation, would be the best way to curve vehicle theft and misuse.

With Vimcar’s GPS system, for example, businesses have a track record of saving 20%.

Why a GPS Fleet System Matters

Whilst most of the electrical service sector would buy a telematics system, according to the survey above, a minority would not.

This is in line with separate research (2019 Fleet Technology Trends Survey) which shows that the “realised benefits” of a telematics system “far outdo the expected benefits”. 

Beyond having greater control over your fleet’s safety and use, GPS Fleet Tracking improves customer service for 50% of all businesses, even though less than ⅓ of companies thought it would. Productivity is improved for 53%, not 35% as expected…

Fleet tracking can be set up to improve businesses in all kinds of different ways.

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