Car Tracker Review: How Customers Feel About Using Vimcar

Every business sector faces different challenges when it comes to mobilizing their fleet. In an effort to serve our diverse range of customers Vimcar spoke with 5 different industries and their take on how Fleet Geo helps their business.
Critical acilities Solutions car tracker review of Vimcar

Vimcar has enjoyed learning more about the pain points of our customers and finding ways to improve our GPS tracking product to further assist them. Vimcar’s customers have already shared how easy Fleet Geo was to install on their vehicles, how simple the software is to use and how much time they’ve saved since investing in our digital fleet tracking system. 

A key takeaway since expanding into the UK market has been that Vimcar can benefit many sectors, not just “traditional” fleet-reliant sectors like delivery and trucking. Below are just a few of the glowing car tracker reviews Vimcar has received from clients of varying sectors. 

1. Data Services: CFS Car Tracker Review

A car tracker review from CFS

Critical Facilities Solutions’ small fleet travels across the country to ‘data centers’ to ensure they’re safer and more efficient. It’s crucial that their fleet run smoothly and efficiently, without any added cost to the customer.

Managing Director Mike Meyer can now use Fleet Geo to see if it’s cheaper for an engineer to travel back home or stay in a hotel overnight between jobs. He can also check to see which driver is closest to a specific appointment, thus saving the company money on fuel. 

“What’s great is having a helicopter view of our vehicles at all times, providing customers with accurate ETAs and ascertaining when a driver has arrived and left a site.”

Mike Meyer, Managing Director
An employee using a GPS Fleet Tracker on a desktop computer

Get a Beginners Guide to Car Tracking in 2021

2. Construction Services 

KA Page Groundwork company car tracker review of Vimcar

With 30 years’ experience, KA Page Groundwork has developed a reputation for excellence for tasks ranging from tarmac to slabbing to drives. Kevin Page, company director, says his business could stop entirely if one of his vehicles is ever stolen. With Vimcar, Page offers a pleased car tracker review, stating that he can now track his vehicles in real-time and can be alerted when suspicious activity is suspected. 

“It addresses the security of our vehicles: Fleet Geo tells us where the vehicles are all the time and we get notified, should the vehicles leave an area,” he says. 

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 3. Security Services 

Wright's K9 Security Services team

Wright’s K9 Security Services transports precious cargo: specially-trained canines that are sent out in emergency security situations. Company founder Allun Wright shares, “We were dealing with vehicle misuse within our fleet. That’s now been solved! … [now] I can see if there have been any discrepancies with employees logging in their working times.” 

Wright also uses the geofencing feature to receive notifications whenever a driver leaves the depot, so he can warn a customer to expect a delivery.

Read more on how Vimcar’s vehicle tracking system benefited Wright’s K9 Security Services.

4. Plumbing & Heating Services 

company vehicles for Union Plumbing with Vimcar car trackers

A gas and engineering firm that services West Yorkshire, Union Plumbing prioritises friendly and professional customer service. With Fleet Geo, they can give customers exact ETAs and Vimcar’s car tracker a positve review. Additionally, if a driver shows up and the customer isn’t there, Union Plumbing can provide proof of that arrival. 

“Reputation is really important to us, and Fleet Geo really helps. Now, when we knock and nobody is home, we can prove to the customer that we were actually there.”

Hanna Wise, Company Administrator

5. Food Services

One of Northern Ireland’s leading meat producers, Doherty’s Meats has been a family business for six generations. Delivering to customers is at the core of their business. They need to deliver products quickly, often several times per week.

Doherty's Meats team and company fleet reviewing Vimcar trackers

Brian McQuaid, Sales and Marketing Manager of Doherty’s Meats, uses Fleet Geo to optimise their routes to ensure no drivers are serving the same area. 

In his car tracker review for Vimcar he shares, “I can now ascertain whether or not the same vehicles are servicing the same areas and tidy up their route if necessary. We cover the whole of Northern Ireland so looking at route history is really important for us.”

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6. Health Sector: Talk to a Doctor Car Tracker Review

During an interview with the owner and director of Talk to a Doctor, the following car tracker review was discussed. The first and the most common car tracker review by Talk to a Doctor is that they have been able to reach their patients in time after implementation of the Vimcar car tracker, as it has optimised its routes efficiently.

Talk to a Doctor car tracker review for Vimcar

Secondly, Vimcar’s Fleet Geo plug-and-play software has been installed in Talk to a Doctor emergency response vehicles making it easier to quickly locate and dispatch the closest and available paramedics to patients at their homes. In addition, using the live tracking and address search properties of Vimcar, Talk to a Doctor is able to confirm that every vehicle is in its expected location as well as track all its movements.

Lastly, the director of Talk to a Doctor confirms that Vimcar software is easy-to-use and cost effective.

7. Road traffic sector- Active Traffic Management

Below is the car tracker review by the company director of Active Traffic Management (ATM), Philip Thompson, a company which has managed traffic, especially emergency traffic situations and legislation for more than 20 years. It is a requirement for ATM to have a fast and reliable fleet for its effective response to emergencies.

Road mechanics wearing high visibility jackets

Vimcar software enables ATM to input addresses into the software therefore, making it easy to quickly locate and send off nearby vehicles incase an emergency is called out. Using Fleet Geo, the software provides traffic-free routes enabling a fast response to emergencies.

Moreover, another car tracker review by the director explains how Vimcar has helped in cut fuel costs of the company as it gives the fastest and shortest routes available. Fleet Geo has a route history that aids in searching previous routes and identifying how they can be made more efficient to reduce fuel costs.

Want to Learn More About Vimcar? 

Regardless of sector or the problems your business faces, Vimcar has a quality and agile product that can make a difference in your company. If the car tracker reviews above haven’t yet convinced you to invest in Fleet Geo, contact our customer service team today to learn how Vimcar can improve your business. Don’t wait — get your vehicles moving better today with Vimcar! 

Vimcar’s Car Tracker Reviews

Vimcar's car tracker reviews on Trustpilot

If you would like to find out more about Vimcar and read our car tracker reviews, feel free to visit our Trustpilot account. Our Capterra account also has several car tracker reviews left by customers.

After seeing Vimcar’s car tracker reviews, feel free to get in touch to discuss what solutions we can offer your business.

Car Tracker Reviews: 4 Customer Solutions

Car tracker reviews is a valuable tool for understanding our clients’ needs and positioning our products and services to better serve their businesses.

Thanks to our innovative Fleet Geo fleet management system, a lot of our customers can choose solutions that solve their company’s specific pain points. Here are four solutions our customers say have helped improved their efficiency:

Optimise Routes

One of the features Fleet Geo offers our customers is route optimisation. For businesses that run delivery operations, efficiently getting packages to customers is vital for keeping customers and meeting revenue goals.

Route optimisation

Doherty’s Meats’ car tracker reviews says it all. When the company’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Brian McQuaid, needed to reduce delays in deliveries, the company installed Fleet Geo. Now, Brian has real-time access to the route history of each fleet vehicle, which makes it easy to prevent overlapping routes that can cause delays. The route optimising capabilities of our product have improved Doherty’s Meats ability to serve its customers all over Northern Ireland.

Prevent Vehicle Misuse

When Allun Wright, founder of Wright’s K9 Security Services, was fed up with vehicle misuse, he turned to Fleet Geo’s vehicle tracking solutions to prevent unauthorised use of fleet cars.

In his car trackers reviews, Allum says our product allows him to analyse vehicles’ real-time location and route history. He can also set geofences and timefences, so he receives notifications whenever vehicles leave the company premises outside of business hours or go out of a restricted zone.

Improve Customer Service

Customer signing a contract

Fleet Geo has also helped many of our clients improve customer service. One of such clients is CFS. In his car tracker reviews of Fleet Geo, Mike Meyers, Managing Director of CFS, says Fleet GEO’s live tracking feature gives the company a helicopter view of their vehicles, allowing them to provide customers with precise ETAs.

Thanks to customisable notifications, Mike gets alerts whenever drivers arrive at customers’ premises, so they can be deployed quickly to the next job.

Find the Right Driver

During medical emergencies, finding the right driver can make a difference in a patient’s life. For Doniert Macfarlane, owner and director of Talk to a Doctor, Fleet Geo’s Live Tracking and Address Search features allows her to quickly locate and send medical vans closest to a patient’s home, vastly improving the chances of the patient to get life-saving medical care during emergency situations.

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Vimcar’s Car Tracker Product Information

Here are some of the key things that differentiate Vimcar from ordinary car tracking companies:

  • Excellent customer service
    • As you have seen from our car tracking reviews, Vimcar is proud to offer in-built customer service every day of the week. We also offer all costomers a virtual product guide when they set up with Vimcar
  • The market’s most accurate car tracking GPS
    • Another reason why our car tracking reviews are so positive is because our tech is always updated on a quarterly basis, using customer feedback. This not only means our software is in line with your needs, it also means it is on the cutting edge of car tracking technology – for instance, we have the most accurate tracking GPS on the market.
  • Unparrelled value for money
    • Vimcar offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, no hidden costs, free hardware replacements and flexible price plans.

To get more information on our car tracking reviews and product in general, just browse our product brochure:

Why our Car tracking reviews emphasise useability

Another one of our key USPs is Vimcar’s easy-to-use software and hardware. A Trustpilot review from Iain, for example, says:

“Really easy and simple to use. Came quickly and incredibly easy to self install. Customer service is really sharp and quick to help.” – Iain, 2021

Take a look for yourself at how easy our software is to use:

If you are still wondering if Vimcar is right for your company or not, feel free to get in touch with our team directly. They can help discuss:

  • What your looking for
  • The solutions we can provide
  • Which payment plan could be best for you
  • If there are any other products we offer that might suit your business bettter

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