Fleet Management Trends for 2022

What are the top 5 GPS fleet management trends for 2022? Learn how you can stay prepared and run your fleet better.
GPS fleet management trends: How can you run your fleet?

2021 was a record-breaking year for the fleet industry — and not always for good reasons. Between continued supply chain issues, driver and fuel shortages as well as increased demand for deliveries, fleets were hard-pressed to continue operating at their usual high professional standards. Needless to say, it’s understandable if you’re worried about the industry developments to come in the new year. 

This article will review a few key fleet management trends expected in 2022 so that you can better prepare to run your fleet in the new year. 

1. Remote Fleet Management 

The Covid-19 pandemic showcased the need for remote fleet management systems. It’s no longer practical — or safe! — to track your fleet from a single location, such as a crowded company office. Remote fleet management is expected to continue well into 2022 and beyond. As such, utilising a GPS fleet management system that can be accessed via your smartphone, tablet and / or computer will be crucial to overseeing a fleet in the new year. 

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo comes with its own app, which you can download to your smartphone or tablet free of charge. Having 24/7 visibility of your drivers and fleet vehicles will allow you to make important, time-sensitive business decisions from anywhere. 

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2. Increase in EVs

GPS fleet management trends: Run your fleet with EVs

The UK government has put increasing pressure on fleets to switch to electric vehicles. EVs are expected to account for a larger portion of the fleet sector in 2022. Government incentives for switching to EVs include reduced BIK tax and plug-in grants for low-emission vehicles. Plus, the government is set to roll out additional Clean Air Zones (CAZs) in cities throughout the UK. 

Businesses are expected to purchase more EVs for their fleets in an effort to cash in on government incentives and avoid the hefty fines that come with driving through CAZs.

3. Safety Advancements 

Fleet management systems like Vimcar Fleet are continually striving to improve fleet safety measures. Popular safety measures that have already been introduced include tracking drivers’ driving behaviours, anti-theft software and driver identification software. 2022 will usher in even more fleet safety features. 

Here at Vimcar, we’ve released a number of exciting new safety and management features in recent months. We plan on expanding and improving our GPS management software in 2022 to help you run your fleet more efficiently. 

Increased fleet costs are another gps fleet management-style run your fleet trend

4. Increased Fleet Costs 

Fuel prices are likely to rise even further in 2022, no thanks to the UK’s recent fuel shortage. Businesses that haven’t yet introduced fuel-saving measures to their fleet should do so immediately. 

Moreover, fleets should install a GPS fleet management system like Fleet Geo. Fleet management systems give you a better overview of your fleet as a whole, and you can use the technology to optimise routes and reduce fuel costs. 

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5. Supply Constraints 

The UK had major supply chain issues in 2021. While the shortage of goods is expected to improve in 2022, the supply chain issues of 2021 will continue to affect the fleet industry for many months to come. 

The shortage of microchips, for example, has stunted the vehicle production industry. This in turn will make it more difficult for fleets to purchase new vehicles in 2022. If your business plans on expanding its fleet, you’ll need to consider purchasing used fleet vehicles — likely at an inflated rate. 

Surpass Your 2022 Goals

2022 will be both a challenging and rewarding year for fleets. While continued supply constraints and rising fuel costs are expected, so are technological advancements that will create a safer fleet and make it easier than ever to work remotely. 

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