Measure Driver Performance Easily And Accurately

Driver performance is easier to track than you may think. Find out how innovative solutions, such as Vimcar’s DSA makes your life easier.
Driver performance is easier to measure than ever before

Monitoring driver performance makes for a safer and more efficient fleet. It’s estimated that the worst 25% of drivers account for a staggering 53% of all commercial fleet collisions. By identifying which drivers within your fleet are braking harshly, using their phones, speeding or exhibiting other poor driving behaviours, you can correct them before it becomes an issue. 

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The best way to monitor driver performance is with a driver tracking system like Driver Style Analysis. This article will explain what Driver Style Analysis is and how it scores drivers to make monitoring driver performance easier than ever. 

What Is Driver Style Analysis? 

DSA allows you to measure driver performance

Driver Style Analysis (DSA) is a software that tracks your drivers’ safety as well as their driving efficiency. The software tracks drivers via a mobile app that they must all install. 

In addition to tracking drivers, DSA also scores them. DSA’s scoring system makes it easier for fleet managers to identify which drivers are exhibiting poor driving habits. With this information, fleet managers can better educate their drivers to improve their safety and reduce accident-related costs. 

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How Does DSA Score Driver Performance? 

DSA scores drivers based on the data collected by a third-party provider, called Zendrive. Zendrive utilises the sensors’ in each driver’s smartphone to collect data about their driving habits. 

Measure driver performance easily with DSA

DSA can automatically detect the beginning and end of a trip. During a trip, DSA analyses drivers based on factors like speeding, acceleration, idling and phone usage.

Then, DSA provides an overall score for each driver. The scores are expressed as a number between 0 and 100, with 100 representing perfect driving habits. Drivers are scored based on distance, so their driving habits during a 20-kilometer trip will affect their overall score more than their driving habits during a 10-kilometer trip. 

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Moreover, DSA will list a “Focus Area” for each driver alongside their total score. A focus area is a category in which a driver didn’t receive an “excellent” score. 

Note that for DSA to work, each driver must activate its usage within the Vimcar Driver App. As with any form of driver or fleet tracking, businesses are legally required to tell drivers that they’re being tracked and why. 

Improved Driver Performance for a Better Fleet 

Fleet managers looking to oversee a safer, more efficient fleet need to monitor driver performance. The easiest way to do so is to install a driver tracking software like Driver Style Analysis. 

DSA tracks drivers’ safety as well as their driving efficiency. Drivers are then scored within the software based on their driving habits. Fleet managers can quickly scan the scores to identify which drivers are exhibiting poor driving behaviours and correct them. 

Utilising a driver tracking software like DSA can help lower a fleet’s accident-related costs and makes the road a safer place for everyone. 

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