Managing Fleet Vehicles’ CO2: Why Should You Care?

Managing fleet vehicles’ co2 levels is imperative for your business needs. Read on to find out why and how it benefits you.
Managing fleet vehicles is important for your business

Lowering your fleet’s CO2 can be daunting. Vehicles are tough on the environment, and with all of the demands of running a fleet, reducing CO2 can get pushed to the bottom of the priority list. However, there are important reasons to care about your fleet vehicles’ carbon footprint.

→ Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Isn’t Just Good For The Planet- It Directly Benefits Your Business.

This article will cover why managing your fleet vehicles’ CO2 matters, and how lowering it serves you in surprising ways.

How Does Reducing CO2 Benefit You?

Reduce Taxes and Carbon Fees With Electric Vehicles

New UK legislation is increasingly directed at sustainability.  Purchasing electric vehicles is rewarded with significant tax breaks and buying incentives. Not to mention, most regions offer cheaper parking and free entry into Clean Air Zones with electric vehicles. 

→ By Relying Less On Fossil Fuels, You Future-Proof Your Business

Boost Your Company Image

Managing fleet vehicles doesn't have to be hard

Today’s consumer votes with their dollar. Sustainability is an important consideration for many when choosing where to give their business. Being transparent about your carbon footprint, and your strategies to reduce it even further, is a great boost to your company image. 

Managing your fleet vehicles’ CO2 sets your company apart as a leader and innovator in sustainability.

Lower Petrol Costs

Petrol is the second-highest fleet cost, accounting for 20% of overall fleet vehicle expenses. Decreasing your petrol use through lower mileage, curbing idling, and electric vehicles saves you big on your fuel bill.

Save on Time & Vehicle Maintenance

Managing fleet vehicles’ CO2 often comes down to reducing mileage. And the fewer miles you put on your vans, the less wear and tear they incur. That means less vehicle maintenance and less downtime in the shop. Plus, the lower your mileage, the fewer driver resources you need.

Build a Sustainable Future

Going green is good for all of us, and that includes you. By reducing your fleet’s emissions, you improve air quality and prevent further climate change. Building a sustainable global economy requires action from all levels of society. By doing your part, you are making a better world for yourself and future generations.

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Strategies For Managing Fleet Vehicles CO2

Trust technology in managing your fleet vehicles

Did you know that fleet telematics can help you reach your sustainability goals? Managing fleet vehicles with digital tools helps you see your progress with real data. 

With GPS trackers like Vimcar’s Fleet Geo, you can easily lower your vehicle mileage through route optimisation and preventing vehicle misuse. Plus, GPS trackers take the guesswork out of avoiding Clean Air Zones. 

And with driver monitoring software like Driving Style Analysis, it is simple to enforce efficient driving and stop idling in its tracks.

Ready To Take the Next Step?

Ultimately, fighting climate change is everyone’s responsibility. Managing fleet vehicles’ CO2 is an important step in the collective effort against climate change. 

Reducing your fleet’s CO2 is a win-win, offering real benefits to your business. In addition to saving money on taxes, fees, petrol, and driver resources, you demonstrate your corporate responsibility to consumers. 

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