Vimcar’s Road to Recovery Report

The Digitalisation of Britain’s SMEs, through COVID & Beyond

Vimcar survey reveals how SMEs relied on digitalisation to protect profits and employees through the pandemic.

Looking forward, they expect technology to continue to play a key role in their recovery.


  • 81% of SMEs adapted their business in the last 12 months: 40% to protect jobs, 37% to protect employees’ mental and physical health.
  • A further 36% adapted to meet customer demand, with a quarter of companies having to increase their fleet size to support their businesses
  • 41% have adapted by adopting more technology; 94% say that change has had a positive impact


The positive impact of digitalisation, regardless of size or age

  • Over 45% said digitalisation has made them more efficient and 33% said they saved money as a result.
  • Two-thirds of small business owners aged 55 years and above confirmed digitalisation has improved the efficiency

This survey shows that UK small business owners, young and old have been quick to embrace new technology – perhaps breaking with conventional wisdom – to help ensure they survive tough economic conditionss.


SMEs’ Road to Recovery

  • More than a third (39%) agreed that technology will be important when overcoming the challenges of the next 12 months
  • Over three-quarters of those surveyed now do not consider technological issues to be major concerns moving forward

COVID may have acted as a catalyst for the digitalisation of SMEs. In turn, this may have helped the process of digitalisation seem less daunting to smaller businesses. In any case, the last 12 months seemed to have convinced many SMEs that technology will play an important role in their Road to Recovery in the coming year.


Who is Vimcar?

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