Driver Monitoring Systems Make Your SME Greener

A driver monitoring system has 5 key ways that it can make your business greener. Find out why exactly this is beneficial.
A driver monitoring system makes your SME greener

Adopting more sustainable practices benefits both the environment and your business. How? You’ll pay less taxes, reduce fuel costs, avoid driving through Clean Air Zones and more. 

Vimcar’s fleet tracking system, Fleet Geo, makes it easier than ever to make the switch to a greener fleet. You can also use Fleet Geo’s driver monitoring system, Driver Style Analysis (DSA), to track your drivers’ driving efficiency and reduce your business’s carbon footprint. 

This article will explain how Fleet Geo and DSA can be used together to make your fleet greener. 

1. Reduce Fuel Usage 

A driver monitoring system will help you save fuel

Fleet Geo’s Route History feature lets you examine each vehicle’s route retrospectively. With this information, you can optimise routes to avoid Clean Air Zones, shorten drive times and reduce fuel consumption overall. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to track vehicles in real-time. When last-minute calls come through, you can quickly dispatch the nearest vehicle to complete the job. This way, no other driver will have to make a time and fuel wasting trip. 

2. Avoid Clean Air Zones

Clean Air Zones (CAZs) are areas where measures are being taken to improve air quality. These areas could encompass entire cities or single streets. 

With Fleet Geo’s Route Planning feature, you can make adjustments to your vehicles’ routes so CAZs can be avoided in the future. Plus, you can create digital geographic boundaries — called geofences — around CAZs. If a vehicle enters a CAZ in real-time, you’ll instantly be notified and can change the route to prevent it from happening again. 

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3. Monitor Mileage with a Driver Monitoring System

Fleet Geo records all of your fleet’s data digitally, in one place. The Route History feature simplifies mileage tracking and is easier to sort through than paper logs. By monitoring your fleet’s mileage, you can better work towards your company’s fuel consumption goals. 

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4. Prevent Vehicle Misuse 

A driver monitoring system helps you stop your drivers from misusing your vehicles

Fleet Geo lets you set time- and geofences so you’ll be notified whenever a vehicle is used outside a certain time frame (like business hours) or geographical boundary (like the company car park). These custom alerts are especially helpful for preventing vehicle misuse and theft. 

Any time an employee uses a vehicle improperly, such as for personal trips, that vehicle’s mileage increases — not to mention the increased wear and tear it will accrue. By ensuring that vehicles are being used within the acceptable time and geographical limits, you’ll be able to better monitor your fleet’s mileage and subsequent fuel usage. 

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5. Correct Inefficient Driving Behaviours

DSA is Fleet Geo’s new driver monitoring system. DSA tracks drivers based on factors like speeding, acceleration, idling and phone usage. You’ll be able to pinpoint inefficient driving behaviours and correct them before they become a bigger issue. Monitoring drivers in this way is crucial to managing a greener fleet. 

Driver Monitoring Systems for a Greener Fleet 

Operating a greener fleet is good for both your brand image and the environment. However, it’s difficult to manage a greener fleet if you’re still using outdated paper logs. 

By utilising Fleet Geo and its new driver monitoring system, DSA, you’ll be able to reduce your fuel consumption, monitor mileage, avoid CAZs, prevent vehicle misuse and correct inefficient driving behaviours. 

For more information on how Vimcar can make your SME greener, schedule a call with us today.

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