Vimcar Survey Demonstrates How GPS Tracking Can Benefit The Construction Industry

A GPS device for car track especially comes in handy if you work in the construction industry. Read on to find on why and how.
GPS device for car tracking is good for your construction business

A recent survey conducted by Vimcar found that construction managers are in the dark about how and when their company vehicles are being used. With vehicle misuse costing the construction industry thousands of pounds each year on extra fuel, HMRC fines and unnecessary maintenance work, it’s evident that increased trust and transparency between construction managers and their employees is required. 

The solution? GPS devices for car tracking. This article will discuss the results of Vimcar’s survey of 100 UK businesses and explain how GPS devices for car tracking can benefit the construction sector. 

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How GPS Trackers Benefit the Construction Sector

GPS trackers can greatly benefit the construction industry in a number of ways. Below are just some major benefits of using GPS devices for car trackers, according to the results of Vimcar’s survey. 

1. Theft Prevention

Vimcar’s survey found that a staggering 1 in 3 construction managers have had vehicles stolen. Excavators, cranes and other construction vehicles are incredibly valuable — both in price and to everyday business operations. If even one vehicle is stolen, it can bring an entire project to a standstill. 

Vimcar’s GPS device for car tracking, Fleet Geo, has features like time fencing and geofencing that help with theft prevention. With these two features, construction managers can set custom alerts to be notified anytime a vehicle is being used outside business hours or is driven off a project site. 

2. Better Project Management 

GPS device for car tracking is also good for project management

Of the construction managers surveyed, almost half (43%) could not say how long their employees spent with customers, and 37% didn’t know if employees turned up to a job on time — or even at all. 

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo keeps digital records of each vehicle’s route and the duration of each job. With this information, construction managers will be able to see which employee showed up to which job and when. This data is invaluable for business records, and it can also be used as proof to show customers that a job was completed. 

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3. Driver Monitoring 

Vimcar’s survey also revealed a lack of trust between construction managers and their employees. 87% of those surveyed restrict employee vehicle usage in some way without a full picture of how the fleet is operating. 

An easy solution to this problem is to install driver tracking software like Vimcar’s Driver ID. Employees can attach one of our Bluetooth beacons to their keychain. The Bluetooth beacon instantly transmits their location to Vimcar’s fleet tracking software, letting you see who’s in the driver’s seat at all times. 

4. Improved Fleet Efficiency 

61% of the construction managers surveyed plan on installing fleet trackers in the next three months for greater confidence in how and when vehicles are being used. Businesses in the construction industry that want to increase their bottom line and improve fleet efficiency should plan on doing the same. 

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Better Construction Fleet Management with Vimcar

GPS device for car tracking helps your construction company

GPS devices for car tracking aren’t just for the delivery and trucking industries. A recent study conducted by Vimcar found that construction managers are not aware of how and when their fleet vehicles are being used, highlighting an immediate need for GPS fleet trackers. 

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