Improving Fleet Operations With Vehicle Tracking Software

How does tracking software play a role in improving your fleet operations? There are plenty of reasons. Read on to find out which ones.
Easily improve your fleet operations

Creating an efficient fleet operations strategy is key to managing a fleet. Without solid fleet operations in place, managing fleet costs and dealing with customers is more challenging — not to mention more time-consuming. 

With fleet management software like Fleet Admin or Fleet Geo, you’ll no longer have to make ad-hoc, yet unreliable calls to drivers when last-minute calls come in. Nor will you have to waste time creating monthly mileage reports, scheduling maintenance checks or many other mundane — but important — fleet operations tasks. 

This article will explain how fleet management software like Fleet Geo or Fleet Admin can improve fleet operations and reduce your workload. 

Fleet Management vs. Fleet Operations 

Fleet management refers to the operation, organisation and management of a company’s fleet (which can be two or more vehicles). Fleet managers have a wide array of responsibilities, but some of the most important aspects of fleet management include: 

  • Acquiring vehicles
  • Keeping accurate fleet data
  • Optimising routes 
  • Fuel card checks

Fleet operations fall under the umbrella of fleet management, but focuses specifically on the logistics of running a fleet. Common fleet operation tasks include: 

  • Tracking fuel prices and consumption 
  • Maintaining vehicles 
  • Vehicle repairs 
  • Mileage supervision 

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Vehicle Tracking Software for Better Fleet Operations 

How does vehicle tracking software improve your operations?

Fleet Geo is the market’s most accurate fleet tracking system. With it, you can oversee drivers, fleet vehicles and fleet events in real-time.

With Fleet Admin, all of your data can be organised in one place and with customisable dashboards. You’ll receive reminders of key tasks and be notified of any cost discrepancies. 

Below are just a few of the ways that a vehicle tracking software like Fleet Geo or Fleet Admin improves fleet operations. 

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1. Task Reminders

Vimcar’s vehicle tracking software lets you set reminders alongside documentation. You’ll never miss a deadline or leave a record expired, which will help you avoid hefty fines in the future. 

Managing deadlines and keeping records up to date is much more time consuming when you’re using paper logs, so utilising GPS live tracking software is a no brainer. 

2. Automated Workflows 

Fleet Admin can automate reminders, calculate costs and outliers and organise your data. This makes for more efficient fleet operations overall. Plus, it reduces the time and energy required to juggle the various deadlines and responsibilities involved in operating a fleet. 

Driver style analysis also contributes to improved fleet operations

3. Driving Style Analysis 

Vimcar’s fleet tracking software can be used to identify costly driving behaviour. In turn, this will reduce vehicle wear and tear, accident rates and insurance costs. 

Our Driving Style Analysis Software scores each driver based on their driving efficiency and stores the data digitally, so it’s easy to identify outliers and correct poor driver behaviour. 

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4. Digital Data Export

With Vimcar, you get unlimited access to your fleet’s data. Download vehicle data in CSV files and use this information for internal reports or to provide customers with proof of delivery or pickup. 

5. Mileage Reports

Keep mileage records for each of your fleet vehicles in one easy to manage place. With this data, you can better plan for the future with automated mileage estimates. Adhering to a vehicle maintenance schedule has never been easier! 

Improve Fleet Operations with Vimcar

A fleet management software like Fleet Geo or Fleet Admin can drastically improve your fleet operations. With software like this, you can set reminders, automate workflows, analyse driving behaviour, export and review data digitally and create automated mileage estimates. 

For more information on how Vimcar fits into your daily fleet operations, contact our customer service team todayOr see how you can buy car tracking by Vimcar.

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