5 Surprising Ways to Use A GPS Vehicle Tracker

It is time to invest in a GPS vehicle tracker. Businesses across the UK can benefit from Geofencing and Live Tracking features. Here are 5 ways Vimcar Fleet Geo can improve your business.
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When investing in a vehicle tracker GPS system, the two most important features it should have are live tracking and geofencing. Live tracking lets you see the real-time position of all your fleet vehicles at a glance. Geofencing utilises GPS tracking to create virtual, geographic boundaries in your fleet tracking software. When a vehicle enters or exits a specified geographic area, you’ll instantly be notified and can respond accordingly. Vimcar’s fleet tracking system offers both of these features. 

When these two features are used in conjunction with one another, you’ll reap the most benefits from your fleet tracking system. The following section will discuss the top five ways your business should be utilising the geofencing and live tracking features of your GPS vehicle tracker. 

Live tracking lets you see the real-time position of all your fleet vehicles at a glance. Geofencing utilises GPS tracking to create virtual, geographic boundaries in your fleet tracking software.

1. Provide Accurate ETAs 

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One of the primary benefits of Vimcar’s live tracking feature is that it lets you see the position of your vehicles in real-time. In fact, Vimcar’s live vehicle tracking refreshes every 20 seconds, making it the most accurate in the UK market. With this information, you can provide customers with accurate ETAs. This is the simplest — yet most effective — way to improve customer service! 

Brian McQuaid of Doherty’s Meats regularly uses the live tracking feature to provide ETAs. He says, “Knowing where each vehicle is in real-time is really valuable. When a customer calls and asks for a delivery, we are able to give them ETAs. We have hundreds of customers and it’s great to be able to see which van is closest to which customer: a real selling point.”

2. Give Customers Proof of Delivery 

Geofences are invaluable when making high-priority deliveries and pick-ups. You can establish a virtual boundary around the location of your choice in the Vimcar fleet tracking software. Once the pick-up or delivery is made, you’ll receive an alert and can provide the customer with proof of the transaction. This feature can be reserved for high-priority jobs or can be applied to every delivery. 

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3. Reduce Fleet Costs 

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Not many business owners realise that you can significantly reduce fleet costs by using both live tracking and geofencing. Vimcar’s live tracking feature logs the routes of each vehicle in your fleet. With this data, you can retrospectively review the routes and optimise them to reduce fuel costs and mileage. Moreover, the geofencing feature of Vimcar’s UK vehicle tracker can be used to avoid traveling through Clean Air Zones, which incur fees for every vehicle that travels through them. 

4. Respond to Last-Minute Calls 

Another useful way to use your GPS fleet tracker’s live tracking feature is to quickly respond to last-minute calls. With Vimcar’s fleet tracking system, you can search for a specific address and the live vehicle tracking will show you which vehicles are closest. All of this can be done in a matter of minutes, as it prevents you from having to call around to each driver to learn their location. 

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5. Prevent Theft Attempts 

When used together, geofencing and live tracking can prevent theft attempts. For example, you can set a geofence around the company parking lot where your vehicles are kept at night. If a vehicle moves outside of this geofence at any point during the night, you’ll instantly be alerted. You can then use the live vehicle tracking to see where the vehicle is and give the information to the police. Vimcar’s UK vehicle tracker GPS system provides you with an added layer of security, 24/7. 

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To this point, Kevin Page of KA Page Groundworks says, “[Vimcar] addresses the security of our vehicles: Fleet Geo tells us where the vehicles are all the time and we get notified, should the vehicles leave an area.”

Ready to Invest in a GPS Vehicle Tracker? 

Vimcar’s GPS vehicle trackers utilise geofencing and live tracking to provide your business with an added layer of security, improve your customer service and reduce fleet costs. These features can be used individually or together. Whatever your fleet tracking needs, Vimcar’s system can be customised as you see fit. If you want to learn more about how Vimcar will benefit your business, contact our customer service team.  

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