Vimcar’s Fleet Admin – Your New Fleet Check App

Fleet Admin: Vimcar’s new fleet check app is here. Performing fleet checks is now easier than ever before. Read more to find out how it benefits your business.
Vimcar's Fleet Admin: A fleet check app

An increasing number of UK businesses are turning to new technologies, such as fleet check apps, to manage and maintain an efficient fleet. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Vimcar found that 41% of businesses have turned to new technology to protect their employees and jobs.  

Fleet check apps are just one type of new technology that’s making the jobs of UK fleet managers easier. A fleet check app lets users perform vehicle walk-around checks with just a few taps of their fingers. Fleet check apps are also useful for tracking and planning general vehicle maintenance checks. 

This article will discuss how Vimcar’s Fleet Admin can be used as a fleet check app, and why having an all-in-one fleet management system like this makes more sense for your business. 

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Using Fleet Admin as a Fleet Check App 

Fleet check apps are intuitive for your business

Vehicle checks are crucial to maintaining an efficient and road-worthy fleet. These checks should be performed daily, or just before a vehicle is to be driven. Conducting thorough vehicle checks reduces the risk of your drivers and other road users getting injured due to preventable vehicle maintenance issues. 

Fleet Admin is a fleet administration system that can be used as a fleet check app, in addition to its other features. With Fleet Admin, the daily vehicle check process is automated. No paper logs are needed; simply input the data into the software. 

All of your fleet’s data will be kept in one spot, with customisable dashboards. You can also set reminders to be notified of general maintenance checks and annual MOT tests

All-in-One Fleet Management with Fleet Admin 

A fleet check app is easily accessed via your mobile

Although simpler fleet check apps that solely perform daily vehicle checks are useful, it makes more sense to invest in an all-in-one fleet management system like Fleet Admin. Paying for single-task apps will only confuse you in the long-run, as your fleet’s data will be stored across multiple platforms. 

Fleet Admin can be used as a fleet checking application and general fleet management tasks. With Fleet Admin, your fleet’s data will be stored in one place. You can customise how you want to organise the data and create multiple dashboards, if desired. 

Plus, Fleet Admin lets you store all ongoing costs on the app. You’ll no longer have to sift through multiple spreadsheets to track your fleet’s operating costs. 

Even better, you can set automatic reminders for task due dates and deadlines within Fleet Admin. This is especially handy for scheduling routine maintenance checks, renewing fleet policies and more.  

Ready to Recycle Those Paper Logs? 

It’s tempting to install a simpler, single-task fleet check app to track your fleet’s daily vehicle walk-around checks. However, your business will benefit more by investing in an all-in-in fleet management system like Fleet Admin. 

Fleet Admin can be used as a fleet check app as well as a general fleet administration system. You can use it to track ongoing costs, set automatic reminders and automate workflows. 

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