Fleet Apps for Fleet Managers

Technology plays an essential role in smooth business operations – and fleets are no different. Find out how fleet apps slot into your business.
A fleet app will do wonders for your fleet.

More and more fleet managers are turning to digital fleet tracking software systems to monitor, dispatch and optimise their fleet. However, if your fleet manager system doesn’t come with an accompanying mobile app, you’re missing out. 

Mobile fleet apps, like Vimcar’s Fleet Geo, let you access your fleet’s data from anywhere. This is especially useful if you’re working from home or want to keep tabs on your fleet when you’re out of the office. 

There are many more benefits to using a mobile fleet app. This article will explain what a mobile fleet app is and how it makes managing a fleet so much easier. 

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What Is A Fleet Management App? 

A fleet management app is an extension of your GPS fleet tracking software. Most fleet tracking softwares allow users to track their vehicles in real-time, review routes and log mileage via desktop. This is incredibly useful, but tracking a fleet solely via desktop has its limitations. 

Improve your operations.

For example, if a vehicle fleet manager leaves the office to visit a worksite, they need a way to track their fleet while they’re away. Otherwise, someone else who’s familiar with the fleet tracking software will need to stay at the office at all times in case anything unexpected crops up. 

Based on the example above, you can see how a mobile fleet app can make the job of a fleet manager easier.  

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5 Tasks Made Easier With A Fleet App

Mobile fleet apps make managing a fleet much easier, plus they give you the flexibility to work from anywhere. Here are just five fleet management tasks that are streamlined when using a fleet manager system like Fleet Geo. 

1. Mileage supervision 

A mobile fleet manager system stores the data saved by your fleet tracking software to your phone or tablet, including the mileage logged by each vehicle. Rather than tallying up the mileage from multiple paper logs, you can quickly access and add up individual mileage reports with just a few taps. 

This not only makes tracking your fleet’s mileage simpler, but it also reduces the risk of human error and makes for more accurate mileage supervision. 

2. Vehicle misuse & theft prevention 

Fleet apps like Fleet Geo let you set geofences and time fences to ensure your vehicles are secure at all times. Geofences are virtual, geographical boundaries you can set around specified areas, such as the company car park. Time fences can be set to notify you if a vehicle is being used outside a certain time frame, such as after business hours. 

A mobile fleet app will send you a push notification if a vehicle is used outside one of the geofences or time fences you set. You’ll be able to react instantly, thus lowering the risk of theft and vehicle misuse.  

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3. Communication with drivers 

A fleet app will improve communication between you and your drivers.

With a fleet management app, you can see the real-time locations of your vehicles, no matter where you are. If a last-minute job comes in or a customer requires an ETA, you can locate the right vehicle in a matter of seconds and call the driver directly. 

Calling drivers one-by-one to determine their location wastes both their time and yours. A mobile fleet app streamlines communication between you and your drivers and makes for a more efficient fleet. 

4. Vehicle maintenance

You’ll have access to the same data on your fleet app as you do on desktop. This means you can still track each vehicle’s mileage, fuel usage and maintenance schedules, even if you’re working from home. 

Having an accurate overview of your fleet takes the guesswork out of scheduling routine maintenance checks. Maintaining a safe and roadworthy fleet is essential, so it’s important to stay on top of such vehicle checks. 

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5. Route optimisation  

Route optimisation is crucial to reducing a fleet’s mileage and fuel costs, as well as increasing the number of clients serviced in a day. A mobile fleet app like Fleet Geo logs each vehicle’s route. You can review routes retrospectively and make changes as needed to improve efficiency. 

Fleet managers should rely on technology to improve their business.

What’s The Best Fleet App For Your Fleet?

A good fleet manager software will come with its own mobile fleet app. Apps like Vimcar’s Fleet Geo allow fleet managers to track their fleets from anywhere, at any time. Mobile fleet apps make daily fleet management tasks like theft prevention, mileage supervision, driver communication, vehicle maintenance and route optimisation easier. 

To learn more about Fleet Geo and its mobile app, get in touch with Vimcar today. Our software is easy to self-install, has no hidden fees and access to our customer service team is included free of charge. 

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