If You Aren’t Calculating Your Fleets’ CO2, Here’s How

a car co2 emissions calculator pays dividends when it comes to saving your business money. Here’s how to save taxes and become greener.
Car co2 emissions calculator - why it matters

The days of companies avoiding their climate responsibility are over. Choosing sustainable business practices is no longer a progressive, ahead-of-the-curve move. Today, it is a consumer expectation. 

If you don’t know your fleet’s carbon footprint, car CO2 emissions calculators are the best place to start. Read on to learn how to use CO2 calculator for cars, and how you can lower your fleet’s carbon footprint.

How Does A Car CO2 Emissions Calculator Work?

CO2 calculators for cars measure key factors that contribute to carbon emissions. These typically include vehicle and engine class, petrol type and usage, and mileage. Based on these figures, the car CO2 emissions calculator will tell you how much CO2 your vehicles release.

Electric and hybrid vehicles typically have a much lower carbon footprint than their fossil-fuel equivalents. 

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Why Do Companies Need To Track CO2?

The need to address climate change is becoming increasingly frequent and urgent. Due to commercial vans’ reliance on fossil fuels, companies with fleets have an important role to play in reducing global carbon emissions. With a CO2 calculator for cars, you can accurately report your CO2 and see where improvements can be made. 

  • Lowering your CO2 emissions isn’t just good for the planet- it can also save you on taxes!

With car CO2 emissions calculators you can demonstrate your fleet’s sustainability and qualify for lucrative tax reliefs on Benefit in Kind.

→ By Proactively Reporting Your CO2 To Consumers, You Demonstrate Your Commitment To Responsible Business Practices

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How Can You Lower Your Fleet’s CO2?

Driver monitoring is one of the best ways to reduce your fleet’s CO2. Tools like Vimcar’s Driving Style Analysis (DSA) allow you to drive more efficiently and use less fuel. Here’s how:

How to become your own car co2 emissions calculator
  • Monitor Idling: Idling wastes fuel and releases up to twice as many emissions as a moving vehicle. DSA monitors idling time, making it easy to spot excessive idling and set limits.
  • Drive Efficiently: Speeding, abrupt acceleration, and hard braking all drive up fuel consumption. DSA helps identify these behaviours with a score on drivers’ efficiency. With this data, you can train your staff to drive more sustainably and watch improvements over time.

Don’t forget another great way to lower CO2: installing GPS trackers like Vimcar’s Fleet Geo. Set geofences to avoid Clean Air Zones (CAZ), preventing air pollution while saving you steep fees.

→ The Average Fleet Reports A Decrease In Total Mileage Of 10% After Installing GPS Trackers

And as an added bonus, driver monitoring systems like Driving Style Analysis also help you save on insurance premiums!

See Better Scores On Your CO2 Calculator For Cars

Operating a sustainable fleet is about building a better future for all of us. Going green increases your company’s longevity, saves you money, and boosts your brand image. However, it’s tough to lower your fleet’s CO2 emissions without data. Driver Style Analysis takes the guesswork out of efficient driving, helping you reduce petrol and vehicle emissions.

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