5 Reasons Why A Driver Tracking App Makes Your Business More Professional

A driver tracking app will make your business more professional in many areas. Learn 5 reasons how your business benefits.
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Your fleet vehicles not only help to serve your customers, but they also act as advertising for your company’s services. As such, it’s important that your fleet appears professional at all times. One bad driver or a poor customer service experience could mean fewer customers in the future. 

This article will share just a few of the ways a driver tracking app like Fleet Geo can make your business appear more professional and trustworthy to your customers. 

1. You’ll Appear to Be a More Digital Company 

Businesses still using paper logs to track their fleet are at a disadvantage. Paper logs reduce internal efficiency and also show customers that your company is using outdated, and perhaps untrusted methods of tracking projects, making deliveries and fulfilling services. 

By utilising a digital driver tracking app like Fleet Geo, you’re telling potential customers that your business is using the latest technology on the market to deliver the best service possible.  

2. Your Fleet’s Efficiency Will Improve

With a driver tracking app like Fleet Geo, you can track vehicles in real-time and examine routes retrospectively. With this information, you can dispatch the nearest vehicle to last-minute calls and optimise routes. 

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The quicker you can respond to customer requests, the more professional your business will appear and the more trust you’ll accrue over time.  

A driver tracking app will give you good customer service

3. You’ll Offer Better Customer Service 

Excellent customer service is key to growing a business. Fleet Geo lets you track drivers in real-time, which makes it easier to provide customers with accurate ETAs. 

Plus, you’ll be provided with digital records of pickups, deliveries and drivers’ job durations. These records can be used as proof to show customers that a service was completed as agreed upon. 

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4. Your Drivers Will Drive Safer

A driver tracking app like Fleet Geo can be used to identify poor or unsafe driving behaviours, like speeding, idling or phone usage while driving. Correcting poor driving behaviours is important for keeping your drivers, as well as others on the road, safe. 

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Plus, when your drivers practice good driving behaviour, your business appears more professional as a whole. One bad driver can leave a lasting negative impression on other road users. 

A driver tracking app will ensure that you never miss document deadlines

5. You’ll Never Miss Document Deadlines 

Few things are as unprofessional as missing document deadlines, such as MOT tests, routine maintenance checks and license plate renewals. Keeping your fleet’s documents up to date is key to keeping your vehicles roadworthy and able to serve your customers. 

Fleet Geo can be used in conjunction with Fleet Admin, a fleet administration software that automates document reminders and keeps your fleet’s data all in one place. 

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A Driver Tracking App for a More Professional Fleet 

For a small business to thrive, it needs to operate efficiently and be professional. Investing in a driver tracking app like Fleet Geo by Vimcar will signal to potential customers that you run a digital business, while also improving internal efficiency, customer service and your drivers’ driving behaviours. 

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