5 Reasons Vimcar’s Fleet Geo is the Best Car Tracker

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo is the best gps tracker for cars with an easy to use and easy to install product. Learn the 5 reasons why Vimcar is the right fleet management product for you.
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Every business needs to have a proper and up-to-date GPS tracking system for its fleet. However, businesses face plenty of difficulties with installing GPS trackers on vehicles. Even worse, many of these fleet tracking solutions are just too expensive, especially for SMEs.

The Vimcar GPS tracking software solves the aforementioned problems easily. This is why thousands of businesses consider Fleet Geo the best car tracker on the market.

Here are five reasons your business should switch to the Fleet Geo tracking system:

1. Ease of Use

Fleet Geo remains the best GPS tracker for cars because it is easy to use. Unlike other trackers, Fleet Geo takes just minutes to install. Also, you can complete the installation without garaging the vehicle, saving you costly downtime.

You need not hire a professional to help install Fleet Geo trackers on fleets. By following installation instructions, your employees can install the tracking system with minimal difficulty.

The Fleet Geo software has won many accolades as one of the best GPS tracker for cars for its simplicity. Even the least tech-savvy business owner can adapt our fleet tracking software to suit their business needs.

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By saving you time on installation and use, Fleet Geo cuts the time you have to spend on managing your fleet. Businesses using Fleet Geo on average have reported that time spent on fleet management tasks decreased by up to 60 percent, making it one of the best car trackers on the market.

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2. Consumer-Centric Technology

At Vimcar, we pride ourselves on listening to opinions of customers on how to improve our products. This is why we often incorporate user feedback into routine improvements on the Fleet Geo tracking system to make it the best GPS tracker for cars.

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For example, we collate user experiences with the Fleet Geo software and apply suggested changes during our quarterly updates. Thus, the Fleet Geo product can evolve to meet consumer demands and live up to its reputation as the best car tracker for efficient fleet management.

Some companies don’t use consumer feedback to improve their product. Fleet Geo is different and considers feedback key to its vision of constantly improving its product — another reason Fleet Geo is rated the best car tracker for businesses.

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3. Easy, Fast and Efficient Tracking

Fleet Geo provides fast and effective tracking for small businesses who might otherwise be unable to afford expensive alternatives. It does this by giving owners up-to-date tracking information.

Presently, Fleet Geo’s software updates the GPS location at every 20-second interval. No other tracking system comes close in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

The benefit of Fleet Geo’s efficiency is that it makes it easy to monitor fleet vehicles during journeys. This allows you to keep track of your drivers and provide help as soon you discover a problem.

Live GPS updates and real-time tracking allow you to know when employees use company vehicles such as pool cars for unofficial purposes. That will save your business thousands of pounds in fines you would pay if such behaviour continued unabated.

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4. Accessible Consumer Support

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Although Fleet Geo is user-friendly, business owners may run into difficulties while using the software. As the creator of one of the industry’s best GPS tracker for cars, Vimcar recognises this and provides owners with a team of dedicated experts they can seek help from in such situations.

Our after-sales support covers advice on how to use Fleet Geo to ease your business’s fleet management. All this comes at no cost to the consumer — our support team is free to access every business day of the week.

5. No hidden Charges and Visible ROI

Fleet Geo’s pricing system is clearly defined and is fair to all parties involved. You know what you’ll pay and what you’ll get.

Vimcar doesn’t charge customers for installation and cancellation. Neither do we charge for shipping and aftersales support. This decreases the amount spent on procuring and fitting your fleet with a tracking system by a significant percentage.

Digitalising fleets can save businesses up to 20%. Discover how much you could save today, with our ROI Calculator.

Businesses are often wary of investing in tech solutions because they have no idea if it will affect the bottom line positively. Fortunately, the Fleet Geo tracking system is notable for giving considerable returns on investment (ROI) to businesses.

For instance, research shows companies using Fleet Geo can save up to 15 percent in overhead costs. That allows you to spend the money on funding other vital parts of your business.


We have shown you why you need to buy Vimcar’s Fleet Geo tracking system for your fleet. It’s easy to use, delivers significant returns on investments, has no hidden charges, and evolves to satisfy consumer needs. What more do you need in a fleet tracking system?

Get in touch with any of our Vimcar representatives today to learn how Fleet Geo can contribute to your business’s growth. Our team is available on all business days to answer questions you have concerning the Fleet Geo tracking system.

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