What Is A Fuel Management System?

A fuel management system comes in handy to save your business time and money. Find out exactly how in this post.
What is a fuel management system?

Fuel is often a fleet’s second-largest expense and can take up 60% of a business’s operating budget. While there are many ways a business can cut fuel costs, one of the most effective methods is to invest in a fuel management system, like Fleet Admin. A digital fuel management system makes it easier to track fuel consumption and automate mileage projections. 

This article will explain what a fuel management system is and which types of software can be used to manage a fleet’s fuel consumption. 

What Is a Fuel Management System? 

A fuel management system is used to monitor and control a fleet’s fuel consumption. It typically utilises telematics to track individual vehicles and/or drivers to compile the most accurate data. A regular fleet tracking software may be used to manage fuel consumption if its software has the right features. 

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A good fuel management system saves you money

For more accurate fuel tracking, fleet administration software like Fleet Admin is best. With Fleet Admin, you can import fuel costs onto the software as well as track ongoing fuel costs. The system will alert you to any cost discrepancies or outliers so you can act accordingly. 

You’ll also have unlimited access to your fleet’s data with free CSV files. These can be used internally to track and maintain your fleet’s fuel consumption. Having your data in one place reduces calculation errors and gives you more control over your fleet.  

Using a Driver Analysis System for Fuel Management 

Alongside a fuel management system, you need to drive safely

Alternatively, you can use a driver analysis system for fuel management. Vimcar’s Driving Style Analysis tracks each driver’s speeding, acceleration, idling and phone usage — among other things. 

With this information, you can cut fuel costs by identifying poor driving behaviour that increases your fleet’s fuel consumption. This will make for a more efficient and cost-effective fleet as a whole. 

Optimising your fleet proactively is a guaranteed way to drive down fuel costs and maintain smooth operations. 

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The Best UK Fuel Management System 

Investing in fuel managing apparatus is essential for today’s fleet managers. With fuel costs accounting for up to 60% of a business’s operating costs, fleet managers need to have a system in place for monitoring and controlling a fleet’s fuel consumption. 

Software like Fleet Admin can be used to import and track ongoing fuel costs. You’ll be able to optimise your fuel costs proactively, and all of your fleet’s data will be in one place. 

Vimcar’s Driving Style Analysis can also be used as a fuel management system. With it, you’ll have a better grasp on the everyday performance of your fleet and can more easily identify poor driver behaviours. Correcting driver behaviours that increase fuel consumption will reduce your fleet’s fuel costs in the long-run. 

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