Fleet Administration Survey 2021

Survey reveals huge efficiency gap in fleet data and cost management

Vimcar’s research shows that fleet managers spend 50% of their working week on spreadsheets, and still do not have a good handle on fleet tasks or cost management.


  • Fleet managers biggest priorities are: 
    • Vehicle maintenance (35%)
    • Cost management (22%)
    • Driver management (21%)
    • Fleet Admin (or Fleet DSA) can help with all of these 
  • 60% use spreadsheets and 10% still use pen and paper to organise their fleet.
  • Almost 50% say that time spent recording data on spreadsheets prevent them from completing other important fleet tasks.
  • Hence, only 23% are “very happy” with their spreadsheet setup; 77% are either “somewhat happy”, “not very happy” or “not very happy at all”
  • Most people are unhappy with their spreadsheet set up because it is too time-consuming (46%) or it leaves room for mistakes (37%) 


Who is Vimcar?

Vimcar is an industry-leading fleet tracking provider, helping digitalise UK fleets.

  • Offer 24/7 vehicle, traffic and driver visibility
  • Save your company 15% on fleet costs
  • Include hardware, installation and no hidden costs