Vimcar 2021 Report

The UK’s Road to Fleet Electrification

Vimcar’s report involved data analysis from over 67,000 fleet vehicles across the UK and Europe.

Study shows up to 90% of fleet vehicles could be replaced by electric vehicles.


  • Up to 90% of fleet vehicles could be replaced by electric vehicles (EVs), given the average range of equivalent electric vehicle models
  • 90% of vehicles that drove more than 186 miles in a day, did so less than 10% of all working days
  • 3% of fleet vehicles run on hybrid or electric engines
  • For 87% of fleet managers, an electric vehicle’s mileage range when considering the switch to electric
  • 96% of businesses are preparing to increase their fleet size in the run up to Christmas, and because of the overall increase in demand for deliveries.


Take a look and download our full infographic on the findings from Vimcar’study, the hype around fleet electrification and its implications.


Who is Vimcar?

Vimcar is a leading provider of fleet software for SMEs across Europe and the UK. Its industry-leading fleet products include: 

Author: Sam Rucker

Sam Rucker
13th October 2021

Sam Rucker is an industry expert and content creator for Vimcar, a leading provider of fleet management software for UK SMEs.