July Webinar from Vimcar

Fleet Digitalisation & Your Road to Recovery

Sign up to our webinar and find out how to digitalise your fleet and:

  1. Optimise business efficiency
  2. Save money
  3. Meet customer demands


New research from Vimcar showed that 81% of UK SMEs adapted through COVID; SMEs focussed on digitalisation with 1 in 3 digitalising their fleet. 39% agreed that technology will be vital for their ‘road to recovery’, having allowed them to:

  • Become more efficient (45%)
  • Save money (33%)
  • Meet customer demands (36%)

Vimcar is offering a free, expert-lead webinar to give concrete examples of how other businesses can digitalise their fleet and benefit as well.

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What to expect from the Webinar

Our July Webinar will follow the below agenda:

Vimcar fleet expert
Christabellah Rosal, Fleet Expert
  1. Findings from Vimcar’s digitalisation research
  2. How to digitalise your fleet
  3. Examples of how you can use fleet digitalisation to improve:
    1. Efficiency
    2. Cost-cutting
    3. Customer service

The webinar will be led by our in-house fleet expert Christabellah Rosal. Christabellah specialises in:

  • Fleet digitalisation
  • Fleet tracking
  • Management of fleet vehicles and operations

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