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Vimcar can help your company adapt during these
unprecedented times. Find out
which measures you can take to save costs now.

What Vimcar can do to help:


A critical time

Vimcar aims to help every fleet, no matter their size or type, work through this period in time.

Some serives (like ‘essential services’) may struggle to comply with current health guidelines whilst experiencing a-typical demand. Vimcar offers features like Organised Parking, so you know exactly which vehicles are at the office and can easily be sanitised. Other features, like Live Tracking and Route History, help drivers travel and allocate jobs with maximum efficiency. Find the Nearest Vehicle and Geofencing features ensure drivers are not overworked whilst deliverring a first-class service to customers.

For many other businesses, this is a time to assess all future costs and inefficiencies. Most are unaware of the numerous hidden costs associated with an under-optimised fleet. Vimcar can help identify them.

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Cut operational costs now

We all need to get cut additional expenses, but it’s not always apparent where.

Now is the time to tackle those expenditures, and Fleet Geo will have no trouble finding them for you. With cost analysis from Vimcar Fleet, high costs such as fuel usage are immediately apparent. By monitoring routes and idling times you can reduce wasted fuel, streamline journeys and properly utilise drivers so no unnecessary travel is made.

Find out exactly how much your business could save with Vimcar using our ROI calculator.

Digitisation: for today & tomorrow

Working outside the office is always a challenge, that is why we make digital work possible.

Thanks to the Vimcar's fleet management software and app, tasks can be completed no matter where you are. With individual role management options, you decide who has access to which information. GPS fleet tracking assures your customers are served in a timely manner boosting customer satisfaction.

Digitization offers extra security helping prevent big losses, expected or unexpected. Geofence alerts track theft attempts or employees using company vehicles for personal use, both of which would unnecessarily increase your business costs.

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no hassle

Instant install: no hassle or downtime

Vimcar Fleet Geo hardware can be self-installed in minutes. You won't have to visit a garage meaning there'll be no vehicle downtime, no disruption to your workflow and you can start feeling the benefits immediately.

Route tracking will make it easier to monitor vehicle’s usage and schedule routine maintenance checks accordingly

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"We are here to help you work through this complex time."

We can help you take real action for your business now. As a Vimcar customer, a dedicated team member will ensure your fleet is well-optimised and costs are cut, so your company can remain resilient through this tough time. In addition to an online demo, along with our Vimcar products you will also receive digital training, whether you are at the office or working from home.

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